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For 37 years we have been doing this- renting houses! We have put a lot of effort, time and our life into our rentals. It isn't easy recycling, remodeling and refreshing a rent house but we have and we are glad and proud of our rentals and our rental history. We see it as a relationship- you pay us rent on time and take care and enjoy the home you live in; we supply you with a quality home to live in and a good credit report when you need it, as well as the responsibility of any repairs or maintenance the house may need (if a dryer quits, or a garbage disposal plugs up, or a faucet leaks) we are on it!
We like honest and open communication, truth, integrity, respect and civility.
GO Pokes!! Orange Power!! Oklahoma Proud.

Everyone remembers their college rental experience. Sometimes it's a nightmare. With our rentals, we want it to be smooth sailing- warm in the winter, cool in the summer, a nice place to study, watch a little TV , unwind from the stress of college life, no drips from the ceiling, no holes in the floors, all appliances in good working order, toilets flushing, washers and dryers cleaning your clothes. A place you're proud of! You won't always be renting, someday you'll buy a house and believe or not, your rental history is important (so are grades), so less house stress equals more time to study, concentrate, be comfortable enough to sleep well, get up refreshed and work, study and play hard. We want you to be successful! We want you to remember your rental experience as a positive, peaceful and pleasant! We might even write your name on the eaves of the roof if you really make it big! Rent from us, you'll be glad you did!!

Randy and Donna Wilson
Dogwood Properties